Praying for Patience

You’ve heard the old saw about not praying for patience, because what you’ll get is a lot of opportunities to be patient? I’m having that kind of weekend.

I have a cat who means the world to me. We took a trip to the emergency vet a week ago, and the emergency vet scared me spitless with the list of things that could be wrong with him, or it could just be treatable by antibiotics. I went in to find out for sure on Friday… and the blood test results won’t be back until tomorrow.

I talked to my mom Wednesday about shampooing carpets this weekend. Mine and hers. She was delighted. When I followed up on Friday to declare that the plan, she said that I was catching her off-guard and she wasn’t ready. So I put that off two weeks.

I got a self-install kit for a new cable box on Friday. I went to self-install it last night. I kept getting an error message. When I called Comcast about it, they concluded that an outage in my area was affecting my ability to activate the box. I said I’d just plug in the old box. “Oh no,” they said, “we deactivated that— you’re not allowed to have two active devices.” (But I am apparently allowed to have no active devices, because more than 12 hours later, that’s still my situation.)

So I focused my attention on a Coursera course I’m taking and some legitimate chores I have to do. The Coursera course is only loading to a certain point, so I can only watch parts of the videos.

Someone’s trying to get me to pay attention to something else. I get that. I might need a clue about what the something else is, because it does not appear to be anything on my to-do list.


One thought on “Praying for Patience

  1. Wow! You definitely are getting a message from somewhere! Hope things lighten up soon!! (And don’t even get me started about Comcast and all that fun stuff!)

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