Sticking the Landing

I wrote, recently, about how I don’t do drafts, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to stick the landing. And there is historical evidence to support this idea. But as with so many things, I find that I have overstated this case and been too slow to recognize my own growth and development in this area. I’ve been confronted in the past couple of days with evidence that I do make plans. I don’t always write them down, but I generally make at least a mental plan that I work from. I’m as successful in sticking the landing as I am because I do think ahead.

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Change in Perspective?

A couple of job postings that have come my way have me curious, lately. I don’t think either one of them would replace my full-time job, so part of me doesn’t want to go down the road of figuring out whether they’re a fit, because I’m really not looking for a side hustle. Another part of me has this vision of a life filled with more of the things I love (a little cooking, a little teaching, a little writing, a lot more control over my time), and if I’m going to say no to them when they cross my path, exactly how is anything going to change?

So I think I may apply for them both, and if I get them, figure it out from there. I’m not a particularly likely candidate for either, but I think saying no to opportunity will discourage it from approaching me, and I want opportunity to knock as often as it may.


It’s not a no-challenge thing, I’ll grant you, but in a time where it seems like everything is just a little more challenging than I’d like, gardening is my bright spot. I’ve been starting seeds since Good Friday, and I transplanted the first group into larger pots over the weekend. I was a little overwhelmed at the idea of 23 broccoli plants (I’ll have 4.5 raised beds for growing, this year, compared to 1 last year, but my ambitions always outstrip such concerns) but only 15 have survived the transplant process (and hardening off) process. I’m hoping I’ll get better at transplanting, because I’ve started fewer seedlings of every other variety.

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Echo Boomerang

For those of you newer to the blog, apparently, my karmic challenge has something to do with my desire to leave things on good terms with guys I date, regardless of who ended things. I don’t know if it’s causal (because I don’t throw hissy fits at them, I tend to run into them or they tend to look me back up later) or coincidental (it’s a good thing I don’t throw hissy fits at them because I tend to run back into them), but the break up is seldom the end.

Here are some backstory links to catch you up with this.

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Baby Steps

Today, my boss mentioned me (and the other people who worked on the product that launched today) in the announcement of the product launch. Which is more than she did last time.

The grass that died because my sprinklers still aren’t fixed is starting to have green patches in it, after weeks of my hand-watering it.

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