It’s not a no-challenge thing, I’ll grant you, but in a time where it seems like everything is just a little more challenging than I’d like, gardening is my bright spot. I’ve been starting seeds since Good Friday, and I transplanted the first group into larger pots over the weekend. I was a little overwhelmed at the idea of 23 broccoli plants (I’ll have 4.5 raised beds for growing, this year, compared to 1 last year, but my ambitions always outstrip such concerns) but only 15 have survived the transplant process (and hardening off) process. I’m hoping I’ll get better at transplanting, because I’ve started fewer seedlings of every other variety.

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Echo Boomerang

For those of you newer to the blog, apparently, my karmic challenge has something to do with my desire to leave things on good terms with guys I date, regardless of who ended things. I don’t know if it’s causal (because I don’t throw hissy fits at them, I tend to run into them or they tend to look me back up later) or coincidental (it’s a good thing I don’t throw hissy fits at them because I tend to run back into them), but the break up is seldom the end.

Here are some backstory links to catch you up with this.

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Baby Steps

Today, my boss mentioned me (and the other people who worked on the product that launched today) in the announcement of the product launch. Which is more than she did last time.

The grass that died because my sprinklers still aren’t fixed is starting to have green patches in it, after weeks of my hand-watering it.

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Are You Serious?

One of my projects at work has been to get an idea of what we’d pay on the open market if we stopped working with one of our vendors.

I nosed around, found someone interesting, and had a preliminary call to check it out. The call went well— they’ve got a system that I like, they gathered a lot of details about my event. I was very careful to let them know that price was a primary concern, and they said they understood and would take that into consideration. They came back with a pretty pricey bid. I presented it to my boss, who looked first at price. She said she would read the information about their technology that I gave her, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be high on her list, because she said right away that it was so significantly more than we pay now that it’s probably not a going concern.

Today, the sales guy called to follow up on the bid. I told him the truth, that I showed it to my boss, but that I didn’t think it would happen.

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I Forget

This last weekend, I went to the ballet with my ballet buddy and her niece and my mom. We saw “ALICE (in Wonderland)” at the Colorado Ballet. It was a wonderful performance— beautifully done. I enjoyed so much about the way they set it and characterized things. Alice grew, she shrunk, she floated on a pool of tears, she fell down the rabbit hole. At intermission, I was chatting with my companions about it, and my ballet-buddy referred to “Beauty and the Beast” as possibly her favorite of the ones we had seen. I had the sense that I saw B&theB, but I don’t have any specific recollection of it. Of many of the ballets and theater/opera performances, I have a prevailing mental image— a particular set or costume, a particular moment that stands out. I just don’t have one for B&theB. She seemed surprised. She’s a few years older than I am, and remembers specific ballets better.

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Lenten Challenge 2016

So— are you waiting with baited breath to see if I’ll spend forty-ish days talking about household chores again this year?

I’m sorry to disappoint. I’m not gonna. I’m still working on my New Year’s resolutions, I’m observing Lent, but my challenges will be in different forms. I went to Women of Faith with my eldest niece last weekend. My youngest brother and I are reading The Brothers Karamazov together, as part of our Lenten observance. I’m imperfectly doing some devotions on my own. My confirmation class is doing a special opening ritual, where small groups take a single mystery of the rosary and help us to meditate on it, as our opening prayer. But I’m not feeling the need to spin additional plates. The dog and I will start physical therapy, we’ll have out-of-town company, and I have a business trip before we get to holy week. I’ve got several hundred dollars of car repairs scheduled for next week and I don’t know the full extent of them— I think I’m set.

But feel free to tell me what your Lent is about this year.