Lazy Thinking

I’ve noticed a theme of lazy thinking, this week, in stories I’m telling and things I’m thinking about, and I’m wondering what that theme is leading me to. Am I doing some lazy thinking, myself? Is it just a coincidence?

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Lenten Challenge, Day 37

Thursday is normally a pretty productive day, for me, but I also have a habit of bouncing back too quickly when I’ve been sick, and overdoing it. And I don’t want to do that, this time, so I’m trying to rest more than I think should be necessary, because I have a probably demanding day ahead of me today and another one tomorrow (though tomorrow contains some things I’m excited about), so I decided not to set the bar too high. The dog wanted a fairly vigorous walk, then I made dinner for myself, and lunch for today (which is more involved than it sounds, because I had chicken for dinner and today is a meatless day, so they weren’t two entirely separate meals, but they were mostly distinct. I didn’t accomplish a lot more than that.

Lenten Challenge, Day 36

It was a Wednesday. It was a Wednesday on which we didn’t walk into the grocery store until 10 p.m. Which unsurprisingly led to a Thursday in which I was an hour late for work.

And I’m pretty sure I have viral pinkeye. The good news is that it’s the beginning of day 4 of that, and it’s supposed to be done in 3-5 days.

Which is all to say, I didn’t get chores done, around the house last night. Have a lovely Thursday.

Snippets from Screwtape

This has been sitting for awhile, as I finished Screwtape late last summer. Although I meant to add more, the odds of that seem very low at this point, so I’ll just send it out to the world as-is.

Just a few things that stood out for me in my reading of The Screwtape Letters (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s a fictionalized correspondence between a demon named Screwtape and his nephew and protege, Wormwood, discussing the techniques Wormwood can use to be effective in tempting a soul toward Hell. So references to the Enemy are about God, references to the patient are about the soul to which Wormwood has been assigned.): Continue reading

Lenten Challenge, Day 35

Still not feeling awesome, I didn’t manage a lot, around the house. But I did get my laundry put away, and put away clothes that can be worn again. I’m proud of myself for sticking with it, because I would much rather have blown it off again and gone to bed. I also got tonight’s lesson planned, which is good.

And the dog was chipper and in the mood to chase bunnies, which I’m always a fan of. Less so when I don’t feel great (“seriously? We’re running? All right…”), but he kept it to one moderately vigorous walk, instead of two leisurely walks, last night, so I’ll take my mercies where I can find them.

Movie Review: Insurgent

Last year, I had no interest in seeing “Divergent.” I’d read the Twilight books and seen the movies, and found them compelling, but not high art or high in meaning— I compare them to potato chips. I read the Hunger Games trilogy and loved them, and I love the movie adaptations almost as much. I think there’s a lot more meaning to the Hunger Games series, and when I heard about Divergent, it seemed pretty clearly like a copycat/also-ran. I wasn’t at all interested.

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