Quick Hits

  • Under “My Favorite Things”: I’m a fan of the navigation app Waze. I haven’t had to fight traffic in my commute in several years, but I do now, and Waze has made that much more bearable.

  • Under “What Am I Supposed to Do with This Information,” as I mentioned, I brought to a close a relationship-lite type situation with a friend, last week. He’s great, we’re great together, but he doesn’t want to be together-together, and only when I misplace my self-respect does that situation work for me at all. And he knows that. I also won’t pursue something when he and I are in a grey area, because I’m not a relationship multitasker. So I made that official (again), but we agreed to get together for platonic hanging out soon. Only now, it involves him making me dinner at my place. I’m clear that this could be a trick (I was born, but not yesterday…), but it kills me a little. How much more relationshippy do you get than “I’m coming over to make you dinner and we’ll spend the evening together?”
  • Under “Get Thee Behind Me…” I really like the show “Stalker”— I like strong female characters, and that show has several. And I’m becoming a podcast junkie (silver lining to the whole commuting situation), and my new boss recently turned me on to the true-crime series “Serial.” I haven’t quite finished the first episode, but know that I’m hooked. At the same time, though, I’ve got a situation with a shady neighbor I only encounter on late night dog walks, that has me a little paranoid. So I can’t feed my paranoia with “Stalker” or “Serial.” I had to stop watching “Criminal Minds” and “Person of Interest” for the same (not feeding my natural paranoia— the neighbor situation’s recent) reason. There’s a reason I watch a lot of “Gilmore Girls,” and I think we are starting to see why.
  • Under “My Favorite Things,” while we’re at it, some favorite podcasts:
    • Ask Me Another“: NPR’s hour of word games and wacky puzzles. Seriously can’t get enough.
    • The Simple Sophisticate“: a podcast done by an Oregonian teacher/blogger. I’ve been accused of being painfully earnest, and I’m pretty sure that Shannon and I are kindred in that way. I find her podcast charming and thought provoking.
    • Invisibilia“: Another NPR show— really good and thought provoking.
    • The Lanky Guys“: This one’s really Catholic, yo? The kid brother of a friend from high school (also kind of a friend from high school) is now a priest, and he and a member of his staff go through the Sunday readings and talk about themes, etc. Their approach can be goofy, but the information’s good and I really appreciate the additional insight.
    • The TED Radio Hour“: in which several TED talks on related themes are explored. I get a lot out of this.
  • And now for the “Ask the Audience”: I have an awkward situation, where I gave two girls from a church group I was in a ride a long time ago. At the end of the ride, they took away that we’re all besties. I tried to be open to the idea, but quickly concluded that we were better friendly acquaintances than friends. (Friendship involved me doing a lot of time intensive and usually expensive favors for them and not much in return. I came to the conclusion that I had the right to refuse relationships that are good for someone else and bad for me, but I’ve always felt unsettled about it, because I prefer to be the person who sits in solidarity with the person who struggles socially.) This was like, 10 years ago. One of the two girls never really got the hint and calls monthly. I eventually listed her as “Do Not Answer” in my phone. She texted me, this week, to see if I want to go to her wedding. I have not spoken to her at all in probably 7 years. I don’t have anything against her, and clearly, there’s a level on which, if she had someone else to talk to, she probably would have. Part of me wants to reply with my regrets that I cannot attend, but good wishes for her marriage. A bigger part of me says that encourages a relationship I’m trying to discourage. Thoughts?

So what do you think?

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