The Art of Asking

While I was away, I listened to Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking. Another blogger recommended it (thankyouverymuch!), and though I didn’t know much about Amanda Palmer, I do know that I’m not great at asking for help, or graciously receiving it when it’s offered. I watched her TED Talk and decided to read the book.

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I got to thinking about someone I met, but didn’t know well, this afternoon. He came into my life from who knows where— sent me a Facebook friend request a few years ago, which I accepted on the strength of mutual friendships. Several months later, he started chiming in on Facebook posts, answering random questions and offering help. I think what happened next was that I got a message from him on one of my defunct online dating profiles. I’d have had to reactivate the profile to start communicating with him, so I asked if he wouldn’t mind if we chatted on Facebook, instead. He didn’t object, but we didn’t really talk, until I threw out an open invitation to Facebook friends for a get-together around the movie “Zombieland” I had at my house.

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Pup Update: First Pics from Physical Therapy

So I’ve told you a bit about the pup’s angular limb deformities, but I haven’t been as good about documenting with pictures. Part of that is that I was pretty long on pictures when I first got him, and I’ve just taken fewer pictures, and part is that I’m busier helping him with things and less with taking pictures. But physical therapy has gone pretty well, and I was free to take some pictures at our last appointment.

Here’s just a favorite basking in the sunshine picture, because he is more than his condition:

2015-01-18 10.08.43

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