Therapy Is Good

I went to therapy yesterday without a lot of pressing stuff to talk about. I talked about my balance stuff, I talked about feeling like I’m getting better at manageable conflict (I’m an Enneagram 9— conflict is not my gift, but I’m getting better at speaking when I need to speak or staying in conversations where I would typically have chosen to change the subject.)

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Change in Perspective?

A couple of job postings that have come my way have me curious, lately. I don’t think either one of them would replace my full-time job, so part of me doesn’t want to go down the road of figuring out whether they’re a fit, because I’m really not looking for a side hustle. Another part of me has this vision of a life filled with more of the things I love (a little cooking, a little teaching, a little writing, a lot more control over my time), and if I’m going to say no to them when they cross my path, exactly how is anything going to change?

So I think I may apply for them both, and if I get them, figure it out from there. I’m not a particularly likely candidate for either, but I think saying no to opportunity will discourage it from approaching me, and I want opportunity to knock as often as it may.