Insert joke about “not in Kansas anymore” here.

There’s a song by the Burns sisters that pretty much says it— I’m new kind of old-fashioned girl. I grow as many of my own veggies as a woman with no land of her own can manage, and I put them up in the fall in jams and pickles. I’m also a full-time professional woman with a schedule that hasn’t left her time to cook herself a meal in literally weeks. I have lots of nieces, nephews, great-nephews and great-nieces, all of whom I love to bits. And I’m always looking for my own special someone, braving online dating and all of the fascinating things that go along with that. I’m devoted to the arts and love to be creative in my own right across many media. I have no shortage of adventures, locally and on the road, because I’m the kind of person who’s up for anything.

I’m here because my training is as a writer and after college, I’ve done very little writing “of my own” (outside the workplace.) I’m hoping the discipline of writing for this blog becomes a habit that gets me writing my own stuff, whatever form that may take. I’d like to share my adventures and as a lifelong learner, I want to dig deeper into the things I’m reading and thinking about, with people who share my interests.

What can you expect? Pictures from the garden, the kitchen, the projects I’m working on, the odd recipe, book/movie/play review. I’ve seen dozens of concerts, operas, ballets, and more through the years and I may share the stories of the performances or favorite memories associated with the experience. The odd tidbit from the dating front lines. A little bit of everything, I expect. And I hope to hear from you— what do you want more of? Less of? If your crabapple pickle recipe will put mine to shame, I want to know about it. I occasionally find myself going in every direction at once, dear reader, and hope you’ll help me stop chasing my tail when I do.

I’m looking forward to getting started, and to chatting with you on the journey!


5 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks! I definitely have online dating stories, but I’ve been trying to think through how to do that in ways that don’t make me… undateable, going forward. On the off-chance that a beau would read through this, I’d want him to feel like I was respectful of his privacy and not mining our relationship for comedy fodder. So when I figure out how (or get up the guts to throw caution to the wind, whichever comes first), I’ll totally spill!

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