Is this a Thing?

One of my problems with the intensity of things with Grey-area Guy this week is that it’s taking up so much of my energy. A few days ago, I texted him first (a new thing— I had a rule not to do that before things shifted earlier this month) to tell him about a win at work. We started texting a little before I left the office. I stopped to get celebratory take-out and we texted off and on then. Later in the night, I was walking the dog and we were texting until my phone shut down from the cold (the dog hates it when I text and walk him, because it makes me slow. I’m already slow because it’s icy, so he totally hates it and I like not to be distracted my whole walk with him— it’s my quiet time and I love it as much as he does), and we texted for an hour before I went to sleep.

Then, last night, he texted me after I was home from my walk and I was watching TV with mom. I didn’t want to be distracted and absent, so I told him I’d text him later. He said okay and was sweet about it, but was a little excited to talk, and I was aware of that, so when the show was over, I quickly fed the fuzzy ones, cleaned the litter box, did a few things in the kitchen and got back to him. We texted for maybe an hour, again.

But I felt like I was up too late talking with him for a second night in a row, and when I came down this morning, I saw a bunch of things that I thought I took care of but didn’t, because I was distracted and trying to hurry. I started the day thinking that I needed to tell him that we’re not dating and we need to dial it back until he’s ready to date. Single girls who aren’t putting their lives on hold don’t behave this way. And I think there’s truth to that. But then I started to wonder if there wasn’t a more positive way to handle it.

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2017 is Off to a Fascinating Start

Sorry for the radio silence. I’m wrestling some alligators, which is apparently what I do now.

Work is crazy. I’ve been put into a back against the wall situation for reasons that I feel like have less to do with me than they appear, but time will tell. So far, I’ve made better progress against the work alligators than I think anyone expected, but I’ve got at least another six weeks of alligators promised, so the story’s far from done.

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