Getting a Grip

Things have been super-chaotic, both going into and coming out of Labor Day weekend. I knew this last weekend would be stupid-busy, and didn’t see a way to steer around it, so I was intentional about making Labor Day weekend less crazy.

And so it was.

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The One You’ll Use

About six months ago, my niece recommended a book to me: How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind, by Dana K. White. She did it in a “I’ve found this helpful” kind of way, so I didn’t feel judged by that recommendation, and I got it while it was on sale. I started out and made good progress on it, then stalled for the better part of six months, then finished it through some applied effort over the last few weeks.

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A Little Help from My Friends

It’s a challenging week, dear readers. Allergies (or possibly a cold, but probably allergies) have descended full-force on the top front quarter of my head and respiratory system, while our typical Colorado springtime has been cycling between 70 degrees and torrential snow every 24 hours or so. Which is not hard at all on the body. In the last 24 hours, I finished up a massive project and pushed it into beta testing (with the help of a dedicated coworker, though not the one I was told to work with.) I’m singing solo for Easter, and I should be a real treat to listen to, with my congestion, constant nose-blowing and incipient cough.

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It’s a Marathon

Things have been coming together— I set a plan in motion like a month ago, where I took a big task and broke it down. One weekend, I painted a room that needed painting, and rearranged it. The next, I recovered a bench I use as a coffee table, planted some flowering plants and cleaned the windows. Last weekend, I dusted and deep-cleaned bathrooms and worked on the yard. This weekend, I finally, finally, finally got the screens replaced, shampooed the carpets and upholstery, mopped and more yardwork. We’ve got guests arriving tomorrow, and it’s all been building up to this.

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Updated Again: Karma

Can I just say that the screen saga has now been going on a full three weeks? Four weeks if you count the estimate. I just had to call the guy again and let him know that this will need to wrap up by Monday. So crazy to me that a business owner could be this unreliable. He told me 2-3 days turnaround time, a month ago. He’s now told me that things are really busy and he had work out of town and two family funerals and I get it, I do, but at this point, his time management is rivaled only by his communication skills for degree of abysmal. And I have no idea what kind of job he’s done on the screens. He told me last week he’d be out of town until late Monday, but that the screens were done and on his truck (I kind of doubt this, because it took a lot of explaining to remind him of “which one [I was]”) and he’d get them to me as a priority.

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