Iconic Tales Are Written By the Victors

In college, I got consumed by a trend I saw in literature to retell iconic tales from a perspective sympathetic to the traditional antagonist, and read a bunch of books that fit the trend. In honor of the Angelina Jolie CGI extravaganza “Maleficent,” I thought I’d share my incomplete list, in case it captures you the way it captured me. Continue reading

Notallmen/Yesallwomen, secondary trauma and relearning everything for the sake of not killing each other

Such a helpful contribution to the conversation! The grief circles article she links to is a really helpful way to think about loving and supporting people who are going through something that’s hard for you to witness and that brings up difficult emotions for you.

All the things, all mixed up

(Hi again!  I’m basically the least consistent writer ever.  But this is on my mind and I wanted to try to write about it if I could.  Warning: I think I’m pretty frank, and also I swear a fair amount.  Also, I am writing from my perspective, not as a representative of women.  Just as a representative of me.  That said, I make the assumption that a lot of what I have experienced in the realm of sexual harassment/assault/intimidation is pretty across the board for women in my culture.  The #YesAllWomen meme resonates strongly with me).

Like most of my friends, much of the news, and many of the writers I follow, I’ve been caught up in the terrible, horrible killing spree of Elliot O Roger, his misogynist manifesto, and what this event reflects about our larger cultural reality.  And, like many (much better than me) writers and culture observers, I’ve observed…

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The Word You’re Looking for Is “Style”

I found myself, this morning, waiting for the elevator with an attractive guy about my age. He was wearing light colored dress pants, a crisp white shirt and tie, and carrying a leather portfolio. I briefly assessed myself. I have a cute ensemble on— a shirtdress with pink, orange, and periwinkle octagons, paired with periwinkle sandles. Colorful and maybe a touch short, but not unprofessional. Continue reading