Canning: Collard Kraut

I was thinking about doing another batch of pickled collards with my harvested collards, last weekend, but I thought it might be interesting to try collard kraut, instead. I have an interest in the probiotic opportunity with fermented foods, but, aside from sourdough, I haven’t ventured deeply into it. I tried my own cider vinegar made of apple scraps, but after a promising start, didn’t get anywhere. I also tried to make my own ginger soda, without success.

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Lessons in Leadership

Things are getting interesting, heading into Fall. My Toastmasters crew exploded a little, with someone on the Board going after a long-time member who’s given a lot of time and energy to the Board out of sheer generosity of spirit. I was heartbroken to see it, but the way the current president stepped up to deal with it was a great example.

Today, I gave a passionate speech about the nature of a good argument and the principles of mutual respect that govern argument. I cited extensively from a chapter of Brene Brown’s new book Braving the Wilderness. I’m a bit of a Brene-head, so you can’t go by me, but I think everyone in the country ought to be required to read this book and discuss its ideas, right now. Like, posthaste. I will totally wait, while you go get it from your local bookseller or library.

Ready? Moving on.

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Empathy, and When You Just Can’t Muster It

Last night’s choir practice was unequivocally better than the previous week’s. Let me start there. We got right to it, we sounded good, and we were, for the most part, very focused on the music. Which is good, because apparently, despite being women of about the same age and demographic who live in the same part of the same city, who believe in, attend, and actively serve in the same church, that’s what we have in common. At least the woman and I who find ourselves at odds. We can sing together and that’s it.

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What Do You Do with Old Pictures?

I was trying to track down a picture of myself, today, for an online profile for a networking site. I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of myself recently— one when I got my hair chopped, a couple with visiting loved ones, but a few months back, my photo stream has a lot of pictures of Grey Area Guy. Just headshots of him smiling or making a funny face— that’s where my more recent headshots are, too.

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