Slip-Sliding Away

Let me just start by saying I’m overreacting and I know it. Also I’m sick, which doesn’t lead to my best decision-making. One of my coworkers just pushed one of my buttons. I call it “the Secretary button.” The last time it got pushed, I quit my job. Not immediately, but within six months, as a direct result.

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Canning: Collard Kraut

I was thinking about doing another batch of pickled collards with my harvested collards, last weekend, but I thought it might be interesting to try collard kraut, instead. I have an interest in the probiotic opportunity with fermented foods, but, aside from sourdough, I haven’t ventured deeply into it. I tried my own cider vinegar made of apple scraps, but after a promising start, didn’t get anywhere. I also tried to make my own ginger soda, without success.

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Lessons in Leadership

Things are getting interesting, heading into Fall. My Toastmasters crew exploded a little, with someone on the Board going after a long-time member who’s given a lot of time and energy to the Board out of sheer generosity of spirit. I was heartbroken to see it, but the way the current president stepped up to deal with it was a great example.

Today, I gave a passionate speech about the nature of a good argument and the principles of mutual respect that govern argument. I cited extensively from a chapter of Brene Brown’s new book Braving the Wilderness. I’m a bit of a Brene-head, so you can’t go by me, but I think everyone in the country ought to be required to read this book and discuss its ideas, right now. Like, posthaste. I will totally wait, while you go get it from your local bookseller or library.

Ready? Moving on.

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Breaking Recipe Review: Smashed Potatoes


The way I stumble on recipes is a patented blend of idle curiosity, what I have in my pantry, and “oh crap, what am I going to make for dinner?!” I remember seeing something about smashed potatoes, and reading about it, at one point, but then I was jammed for a side dish a few weeks ago and thought seriously about making them. I ended up being saved by instant polenta in that moment, but the idea was still in my head.

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