Squirrel patrol

Things are going reasonably well with the new family member— I’m (no lie) walking him too much, but he’s a good boy, the training scheme is working well. I’ve lost a throw pillow (to a repairable tear), a pair of sunglasses, and a soda can to puppy, but otherwise, he’s a good boy. The cats are starting to protest because they’re still afraid to come downstairs, even though he’s ignoring them beautifully. Continue reading


Gone to the Dogs

I’m on hour 52 or so, of dog ownership. Here’s what you should know:

  • I got a crate. I had talked to the woman at the rescue who said she thought it was plausible, short-term, that I could use a crate. He’s having none of it. Not in the car, not in the house. Not. Having. It. He goes in after whatever delightful thing I throw into it, and makes sure he leaves a leg out so I can’t close the door. Thank heavens I borrowed it, and didn’t buy it.

Continue reading

Road Warrior

I feel a little bit like a road warrior, the last several months. I had a business trip to Miami in early May. I took the train to see family in early June into July, and then flew to visit more family in August. September brought another substantial business trip to Seattle, and October finds me back in the Midwest, meeting the newest member of the family. Continue reading

The Many Faces of “Gone Girl”

I read Gone Girl when it came out a couple of years ago. It was gripping, but so dark— the characters unlikable and so far beyond hope that I can’t say that I enjoyed the experience, and I’m inclined to avoid Gillian Flynn books in the future. I’m melancholic, to begin with, and I carefully balance how dark I let my outlook get. I tend to choose comedy over drama, because I’m better at the work of being me when I can find a bright side to look on. Continue reading


Let me start by saying that I understand that people have real problems, and that I’m fortunate that when I get mildly depressed, the way I am now, that it’s not worse. My mood is powerfully influenced by the weather, and the weather around here has been not-great for supporting an energetic and positive mood, since I got back from my last trip. Combined with my exhaustion following that event and the need to get up-and-running for the next event, as well as all of the other plates I have spinning (teach a class! speak at Toastmasters! be a good friend! clean and puppy-proof the house while learning how to train the dog! plan a trip! be more fun!) Continue reading