September is the New January

Reading Gretchen Rubin, I first encountered a name for this concept, but it’s one I’ve felt for a long time— there’s something about the rhythm of back-to-school that inspires me to start new projects and revisit old projects. This year’s timing with the move has only reinforced that desire to start new patterns. Here are some I know I’ll be trying:

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I Don’t Know Who Bought All The Theater Tickets… and Books… and Emptied Out the Library

There’s about to be an arts shortage in Denver, and I just want to say that no matter what those box-office traitors tell you, I didn’t buy all the tickets. And borrow all the books. And empty Amazon’s endless shelves. I simply don’t know who would do such a thing and I can’t even believe that you’d think I would.

My Level of Persnick

For most of my adult life, I’ve deliberately fought an impulse to be exacting. When I was a tween, I was one of those people who’d say “Actually, it’s ES-presso, not EX-presso…” and I annoyed even myself to the point that I consciously stopped. I came to understand that people who are secure in their own intelligence don’t feel the need to assert that intelligence over unsuspecting bystanders. With extremely few exceptions, people are not hoping you’ll correct them about minor details and they don’t grow in their esteem for you when you do. Also, it’s important to recognize what’s your responsibility and what doesn’t belong to you.

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My Guardian Dear

Maybe you remember that last week, I talked about getting to work a little earlier, so I could be a little social and still get into my day. Yesterday, I read an article about how the most successful people get to work about 15 minutes before their scheduled start time, to give themselves to get organized before they jump into things. I was thinking about it all day yesterday, including when I went to sleep. I know something like that would be a radical change for me (I’m a “just in time” mindset person, which means that frankly, I tend to run a little late. Like, for my whole life.) I even had a conversation with my mom about it, reminiscing that before the move, I’d walk the dog in the morning, but since the move, it seems like I’ve just lost that time.

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