How Do You Do It?

I started writing something today, longhand. I’ve heard a lot about the creative reasons to write longhand, and I think it’s probably the only way to avoid my repeatedly wandering off into the Intarwebs and not-writing.

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Cider Cake

A few years ago, I got this idea to have a party themed around hot drinks— I served pots of hot chocolate and hot spiced cider, with all the trimmings [whipped cream, several kinds of marshmallows, cinnamon], for small fry and [peppermint schnapps, Irish cream, Kahlua, whiskey, cinnamon schnapps] those who wanted something spike-able alike. I made a hot chocolate cake and a cider cake. I still like the idea of a spiced cider cake, so that’s what I did this weekend, to go with my party food.

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There’s a great group of spice shops in my area. I wandered in recently to think about how to add more flavor to my bread, and for extra Saigon cinnamon for holiday baking. While I was there, they reminded me that loyalty club members get a free blend during their birthday month. I’m a loyalty club member, and it’s my birthday month, so I started assessing my options.

As I came in the door, I’d seen a bunch of Indian blends— tandoori and vindaloo and curries and things. It made me think about things I want to try to make for mom. She’s always talking about how she likes “peasant food”— hearty, one-dish meals, casseroles and stews, and I thought Indian food might be a horizon to explore.

So I tasted several of the blends, and ended up with vindaloo, as an option that could satisfy us both. Aromatic for me, a little spice for her.

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