Lenten Challenge 2016

So— are you waiting with baited breath to see if I’ll spend forty-ish days talking about household chores again this year?

I’m sorry to disappoint. I’m not gonna. I’m still working on my New Year’s resolutions, I’m observing Lent, but my challenges will be in different forms. I went to Women of Faith with my eldest niece last weekend. My youngest brother and I are reading The Brothers Karamazov together, as part of our Lenten observance. I’m imperfectly doing some devotions on my own. My confirmation class is doing a special opening ritual, where small groups take a single mystery of the rosary and help us to meditate on it, as our opening prayer. But I’m not feeling the need to spin additional plates. The dog and I will start physical therapy, we’ll have out-of-town company, and I have a business trip before we get to holy week. I’ve got several hundred dollars of car repairs scheduled for next week and I don’t know the full extent of them— I think I’m set.

But feel free to tell me what your Lent is about this year.


The Best Version of Myself

Maybe the title of this is misleading, and I haven’t even started. Because I spent all day yesterday cleaning— shampooing carpets, and I paid a service to help me, and a handyman to fix things, and it reminded me: I am not my best self when I move. People see the dust bunnies and the things that you can mostly hide, like that you haven’t moved some of your furniture since you moved in, and it is gross underneath those pieces, and you can just feel the judgment. I don’t take those moments well.

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Lenten Challenge: Wrap-Up Edition

I managed some cleaning on Good Friday— for the life of me, I don’t think I could tell you what I did, but I know I managed some. I think I folded clean laundry and maybe unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher for a total of let’s say 45 minutes, while I watched “Scandal.” And then later that evening, I… um… I think I was mostly distracted by the fact that when I finally went to the eye doctor, he said I have a pretty serious infection in my cornea and when I looked it up, while walking the dog, I realized that my choice to delay going could have cost me vision in that eye, or even have cost me my eye. And I was chastened by that. I think what I accomplished before bed on Friday was putting away the laundry that was harder for me to put away— linens and things, and I put the spring throw pillows out and stowed the cold-weather stuff. Let’s say I did 2 hours work.

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Lenten Challenge Day 42: The Home Stretch

So most of what I did last night was related to finishing my mom’s taxes. Let’s say I spent another 90 minutes on that (and I haven’t gotten to her State return, yet. Though I think I have about another 20 minutes, tops, to go. And remember, it totally counts as housework. I also paid a bill. I won’t accomplish much, tonight, because it begins the Triduum, the holy days that end Lent and prepare for Easter. I struck a deal with Mom that we wouldn’t get together last night because we’ll do special services at church for each of the next three days, usually paired with a meal, and tonight, there will also be grocery shopping. The one Saturday night runs for hours. Then Sunday, we’re all good, church-wise. The last few years, I’ve gone to a morning service that my choir performs at, but this year, the choir director and the bulk of the group were busy, so we’re just not doing that. I usually follow it up with a long walk before I get mom and we have a late afternoon big meal. It’s kind of a laid-back day— usually movies and games, the big meal and sometimes talking on the phone to relatives.

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Lenten Challenge, the Sixth and Final Weekend, Plus a Couple of Days

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve had an exceptionally busy week at work and in life.

On Friday, I accomplished nothing, cleaning-wise, because Mom and I traveled an hour plus each way to visit a friend who was kind of in town, kind of on business. After work, I walked the dog, picked mom up, drove up there, picked her up, drove to a restaurant, caught up with her and drove home, and I walked the dog, and there wasn’t much left of the evening. But my eye had stopped hurting, so that was nice. Continue reading

Lenten Challenge, Day 37

Thursday is normally a pretty productive day, for me, but I also have a habit of bouncing back too quickly when I’ve been sick, and overdoing it. And I don’t want to do that, this time, so I’m trying to rest more than I think should be necessary, because I have a probably demanding day ahead of me today and another one tomorrow (though tomorrow contains some things I’m excited about), so I decided not to set the bar too high. The dog wanted a fairly vigorous walk, then I made dinner for myself, and lunch for today (which is more involved than it sounds, because I had chicken for dinner and today is a meatless day, so they weren’t two entirely separate meals, but they were mostly distinct. I didn’t accomplish a lot more than that.