Recipe Review: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

A friend of mine is more than halfway through Whole30, and though it’s doing what she hoped (pinpointing that she’s reacting to something dietary) and allowing her the opportunity to identify it, she is so over it. The Arbonne cleanse is slightly less restrictive than Whole30 (you can, for example, have legumes, some commonly non-allergenic grains like quinoa and brown rice, and some sugar in the shakes), but they’re pretty similar. When she declared an intention to attend my gathering over the weekend and bring a turkey breast so she’d have something compliant to eat, I started thinking about things I could make that she could also eat.

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Perfect Farewell to Summer

I had some people over this weekend, in the midst of my harvesting. The house is strangely silent without Mom, and I don’t like it. It made me feel better to have the house filled with the faces of people I care about, laughing and talking and making memories. I meant it to be a “Zombieland” party, but I think my passion for “Zombieland” is greater than most people’s, so we ended up playing boardgames, and it was delightful. I planned a dessert that we didn’t get to (I meant it to be a snacks party, but we ended up putting together a full on dinner befitting Canadian Thanksgiving). I went ahead and had it for a snack yesterday, in curiosity about whether it would be as good as I thought. I had found “dulce de leche” crispbreads at a store, and paired it with nice vanilla ice cream and topped the ice cream with my homemade peach chutney, slightly warmed.

I’m not huge for ice cream, but the cold and creamy paired with the warm, bright and tangy of the chutney and the crunch of the crispbread? How is it possible that it has taken me this long to come up with this idea?!

Ready, Set, Harvest!

If you’re not familiar with Colorado, you might have thought my neighbors and I were crazy for spending a gorgeous weekend, with temps in the high 70s (Fahrenheit) drawing down our gardens and disconnecting our hoses. Yesterday was nearly 80 degrees. But we knew we were going to get our first hard freeze last night, and knew in advance we’d wake up to this.


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Empathy, and When You Just Can’t Muster It

Last night’s choir practice was unequivocally better than the previous week’s. Let me start there. We got right to it, we sounded good, and we were, for the most part, very focused on the music. Which is good, because apparently, despite being women of about the same age and demographic who live in the same part of the same city, who believe in, attend, and actively serve in the same church, that’s what we have in common. At least the woman and I who find ourselves at odds. We can sing together and that’s it.

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What Do You Do with Old Pictures?

I was trying to track down a picture of myself, today, for an online profile for a networking site. I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of myself recently— one when I got my hair chopped, a couple with visiting loved ones, but a few months back, my photo stream has a lot of pictures of Grey Area Guy. Just headshots of him smiling or making a funny face— that’s where my more recent headshots are, too.

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Another Thing to Be Grateful For

Another thing happened this morning at Toastmasters that seemed like a positive. The woman who wanted to be president of the club but whom I beat to the punch has been making it hard for me to enjoy Toastmasters lately. In the last Board meeting, she was pretty deliberately confrontational with me in ways that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. We were having a conversation about those home assistant things, and I said “Oh, like Amazon’s Alexa?” And she said “No, Alexa is Google.” I was pretty sure that Alexa was Amazon’s, but I identified the hardware as the Echo. She looked at me like a particularly stupid person (I’ve since confirmed that I was right.) I was running an event that she’d signed up to emcee. It was a seven speaker event. She declared that she intended to get eight speakers in. I said that it was pretty traditionally a seven speaker event and she assured me she had it under control. I said that I’d gotten sign-ups for most of the roles, but that I’d keep pressing for the last couple. I also said that I had a couple of aces in the hole for it. Snarkily, she asked what my aces in the hole were. I started “well, I haven’t signed up for a role, so there’s that…” and she interrupted me and said “oh, so you’re the ace in the hole. I understand now.” It was really crappy of her, but I continued that I’d gotten agreements from people who weren’t represented, and I thought we’d be covered for the event.

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