Arbonne, Day 14

Things are still continuing well with Arbonne. I had a little better luck with the “sweet potato as bread” thing when I did it on the grill and finished it in the toaster. I sliced the sweet potatoes and put them on the warming rack of my gas grill over a lower flame for awhile. When they were about half-done, I added the turkey burgers to the grill. I’m not sure if it was because it was raining, or if I’ve run out of propane, but the grill crapped out at about that point, so I finished them on the George Foreman grill or in the toaster. They could be used to pick up a sandwich, and provided a flavorful option. I sliced them thicker than the 1/4 inch referenced in what I looked up— more like 1/2 inch, but it worked out okay.

Weight lost was not as significant, in week 2, but it’s hard to say. It looks like I’m down another inch on my hips. Mom thought (for some reason) that we were done at the end of last week, and I thought the fact that we were just at the halfway mark might be an issue for her, but she worked it out. I tried to do non-strange recipes (hence turkey burgers) over the weekend, and to plan some tried and true options for this week. We’re starting with a ground turkey/tomato-based option that I’ll serve over mashed cauliflower tonight, tomorrow will be tilapia and lentils, and, I’ll be honest, I don’t remember what comes later in the week— it was a hectic (though not unpleasant) weekend, and this is going to be a hectic (though not unpleasant) week.

If the grumpy is a thing, it’s continuing. Last week, I had a bait-and-switch with some work around the house that made me grumpy (I made an unscheduled trip home over my lunch hour to clean up the back yard, only to have the work postponed and have to do it again later in the week), a friend made plans and flaked, remade the plans and flaked again, and someone else said they wanted to make plans, we agreed on a plan and then she said she couldn’t be sure if she should proceed.

Listen, I get that sometimes we make plans that we can’t follow through on, but the BFF called me out on flaky behavior years ago, and I’m a better woman for it. She said “don’t wait around to see if you get a better offer— if you want to make plans with me, commit to them.” This is now my policy. I understand that things come up, but this whole “keeping my options open” thing? It’s rude. It tells people they’re not very important to you. It’s not how we should treat each other. Set boundaries, by all means. Don’t say yes to plans if you don’t want to, but let’s not jerk each other around. I’m an introvert who isn’t sure I’m up for things all the time, also. But when I say yes, I follow through, and I expect people who want to have a place in my life to do the same, excepting emergencies.



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