Arbonne, Day 8

We’re a week in, and so far, so good. We planned to take Sunday off. I know that it would be better if we didn’t, but in the words of a dear friend, “some is better than none.” Mom talks often about a diet she and my dad did sometime before I was born, where they restricted carbs all week and went off for the weekend, and I thought this might keep her on the reservation.

However, when we got to Sunday, I was afraid to go completely off the program. We talked, and agreed to do the shake in the morning. I also made us a compliant brunch. We still did our fizzy waters. We went off the program for dinner, but in a way that I think was more restrained than either of us thought we’d do. We each had a sangria, I had a baked potato with butter and sour cream with my otherwise compliant chicken dish, mom had a burger on a bun, and we both enjoyed our freedom at the salad bar (croutons! Ranch dressing for her! Blue cheese crumbles for me!) And we split a dessert. But seriously, as “cheat days” go, pretty restrained.

We both checked in on our progress for the week Sunday morning. Both of us down 5 lbs, or so. I do body measurements as well as weight, because sometimes things are moving around, but you’re not losing. Recognizing I had water weight to lose, I’m down an inch overall on major body measurements from last week at this time and more like 1.75 inches off the waist. So that’s encouraging enough to keep us from going hog-wild.

Back on the program today. The refrigerator is packed because I was cooking too much last week (several days I made both lunch and dinner as complete meals, and I always make at least a portion extra), so I’ve only planned meals through Thursday, so far, and there will be a lot more leftovers consumed, but that’s nice— it means that I’ll have more free time this week, but we’ll still have homemade compliant eats.



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