In Praise of Red Wine Vinegar

I really tread the fine line between foodie and… well, anyone who knows me would laugh at the idea that I aspire to minimalism, but let’s say aspirational simplicity. I recognize that I am by nature and nurture a pack rat, and I need to resist this tendency, so I’ve deliberately lived in places too small for my stuff for my entire adult life until we bought our current house, (but still do not have unlimited cupboard space)… and just made do. In my 20s, this resulted in the deeply held conviction that it is better to cook from flour and baking powder than boxed mixes because you can make anything with flour and staple ingredients, but you’re significantly limited by a boxed mix, which takes up space until you use it.

I started out with a couple of seasonings, and have branched out, so that now, my spice collection fills my standalone spice rack plus space in a cabinet plus a stash of infrequently used but necessary spices in another cabinet and a growing collection of spices on the counter.

I tried to get by with white and balsamic vinegars. Succeeded at it for a long time, too. Added in rice vinegar several years ago as a less bracing bit of vibrancy that’s great in salads and Asian sauces, and embraced cider vinegar as I got into canning.

In embarking on the Arbonne thing, I went ahead and got red wine vinegar. I’ve had it in the past, but it’s been awhile, and it was a revelation! The tang I love from white vinegar without the rough edges. Perfect for those mustardy vinaigrettes I like so much, if balsamic won’t do.

Just don’t ask me where I’m going to store it.


So what do you think?

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