Arbonne, Day 3

Not much to report, at this point. We’ve tried the various flavors of shakes and fizzy water. Mom liked last night’s dinner (broiled herbed chicken and broiled cauliflower, with spinach salad) and yesterday’s lunch. Today is a repeat of Monday’s lunch, which she dodged the first time (either accidentally or on purpose), so we’ll see what she thinks about that.

I think we’re settling into a rhythm with it. I realized, this morning, that the fiber is only 30 servings and we’ve each been getting one a day, so it’s running out faster than our other supplies. I have to figure out whether I want to pay (probably) $50 for another bag of it, jump off it myself so she can have it all to herself, or supplement with fiber more commercially available for both of us when we run out. I’m leaning toward jumping off it myself and seeing how I feel— her diverticulitis means she needs the fiber probably more than I do, though I wonder if the delightful full-all-the-time feeling is not related to the fiber in my shake.

This isn’t (so far), proving to be as challenging as I thought it might— the annual experiments with South Beach have prepared me well for the amount of work in the kitchen, as well as the need for creativity and variety.  Mom is (so far) less rebellious than I thought, and more grateful. I think the real test will come tomorrow night— I have to cook tomorrow’s dinner while I’m making tonight’s, because I have plans that will have me occupied all evening tomorrow. I’m fortunately making something she really likes (chili con carne) but when I’m out for the evening is typically when she eats the worst, most processed stuff.  I’ll leave her a meal she can just heat and eat, or leave it on the stove all day, but I’m not sure she won’t be tempted to indulge without me there to keep her honest. Also, I’m planning to sprinkle the chili with nutritional yeast in lieu of cheese, and Mom’s skepticism at anything that smacks of hippidom is epic (and nutritional yeast is pretty hippie, even for me.) Frankly, I’m not sure I won’t be tempted (though I think my indulgence would come in the form of drinking a shrub (vinegar and fruit-based drink that might not even be a violation, but might have a little sugar in it), because I’ll pack my dinner, heat it at the office before I leave, and eat it on the road.

I probably won’t continue to post about it daily, just when I have something noteworthy to share. So far, I’m noticing improvements. I’m down about 4 lbs of water weight since Monday, and that’s always nice. I expect that to taper soon. Full disclosure— I was up a little water weight because of recent travel and other reasons, so this isn’t as dramatic as it sounds. I haven’t cheated with soda (if I’ve cheated at all, it’s with unsweetened iced tea, and I’m not even positive that’s cheating) and yet feel pretty alert and am through the worst of the early withdrawal. I’ll measure myself on Monday to get a better sense of changes, where they exist.


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