A Little Too Comfortable

I’m not someone who likes to be bored—especially not at work. Boredom at work makes the time crawl. Working hard, solving problems, being engaged— all of that is what lights me up. I like a little more challenge than many people I know. Maybe not all challenge, all the time, but enough to keep my very busy imagination occupied, if you please.

The last couple of months have not been that way. I worked like a dog, much harder than I preferred, right up until I left for New York in late April. After I came back, I was pretty busy through San Diego and for the first week or two of May. And through May, there were odds and ends to attend to— watching videos from a conference I’d been too busy to attend, and some other things. And don’t get me wrong— I’ve had some critical stuff to do in June, but there’s been a lot more looking busy than I prefer. I let my boss know I was in a slow season, and I’ve volunteered to help people who are busier than I am, but, for now, it is what it is.

I’ve got one full day left in the office before the long weekend, and I’ve been really pacing myself for weeks now. Turning things in way early because I have time to work on them, but keeping my interim goals super manageable.

Today, in an meeting, my boss asked me to take something on. Not a hard thing, but multidimensional and kind of a hassle, and my instinct was to push back. “It’s fine if I do that after the holiday, right? You don’t need that right away, right?” I had some errands to run over lunch, and some meetings this afternoon, and my very modest goals for the day are starting to look a little more aggressive, which means I might have to focus tomorrow morning, and who wants that?

Fortunately, I didn’t say it out loud, because when I thought about it later, it was like “that’s really going to cut into the dinking time I had planned.”

It made me laugh, because I’m not really like that— I’m normally so driven— but a month or so of “are you kidding me? Six more hours of looking busy?” has apparently got me feeling a little entitled. Glad I was the one who caught it.


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