Maybe a Little More Stressed than I Thought…

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the bank for cash. I very seldom do this— I don’t use a lot of cash and typically find other ways to get what I need to keep on hand (pay the whole tab credit card, have someone pay you their share in cash— that kind of thing), but I was having a yard sale and wanted to be able to make change. I also have my godson mowing my lawn, and I prefer to pay him in cash after a way too involved conversation with his mother related to her banking practices.

I went to the bank, used the ATM. It spit back my card and a receipt that said I wasn’t using the right PIN. I tried again. Same result. I was very sure about my PIN— I have a mnemonic for it, and I was positive that there was a malfunction.

I got the cash another way and went to the bank to have them fix whatever was wrong.

Cut to this weekend. I get to the ATM (lawn mowing day again!), get my card back with the slip. Again? You’re kidding me?! But then I realized that I didn’t type in what the mnemonic told me to type in. D’oh! I typed it in correctly and got the cash.

Today, I was working and came to the realization that the mnemonic I’ve been using? The PIN number before my most recent PIN. My 10-years ago PIN. I have a mnemonic for the since 10 years PIN, too, but that’s not the one I’ve been using.

Don’t you love it when you find out that you haven’t been killing it, as you thought, after all?


So what do you think?

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