Catch 22, Again

One of my responsibilities is to maintain a membership. This membership requires us to adhere to certain requirements. When I’ve brought them to my (now former) boss’s attention, she has said “I don’t want to do that.” Which is fine. She outranks me and it’s her decision. But I basically have to say that we’re in compliance with something I know we’re not in compliance with. I’ve told her what the consequences of being non-compliant are, and she feels like she’s willing to risk it.I have a new boss (my old boss also reports to him), and my experience of him is that he’s less willing to risk such things, so I went to him and asked him how he wanted me to handle it. We’re going to discuss it as a group. I don’t expect it to be a conversation that makes my now-former boss like me any more than she does today. But here’s the thing. She’s the one who put me in charge of it. I offered the alternative that we could let our membership lapse— if we don’t want to do the things we have to do to be members, then we could not be members and not worry about it. The membership matters enough to say we’re doing the things, but not enough to actually do the things. I was told to renew it.

Here’s my thought— don’t put me in charge of something nit-picky and then blame me for being nit picky. I’d rather not pick nits. Truly. But if you’re going to ask me to repeatedly and knowingly lie on something I sign my name to, I’m going to be a pain about it, because I prefer not to lie any more than is absolutely necessary. If you want someone who doesn’t care to be in charge of it, I’m sure you could find such a person without looking very hard.


So what do you think?

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