Catch Up

Have you ever walked around with an undone task making you feel terrible, for weeks and months, growing larger and more terrible in scope? Yeah, me either.

After months of being stressed out and super busy, I’ve hit a slower stretch at work. I’m not saying there’s nothing to do, but I’m mostly waiting on people to give me things, and there has been plenty of time in the last week or so, for me to do other things. And there were plenty of things to do— I was signed up for a virtual conference in early March that I was too busy to attend and the videos are about to expire. I’m speaking at Toastmasters tomorrow, and needed to write the speech and build a visual aid. Odds and ends that waited on me for months are checked off, now, and new things are getting tackled immediately. I don’t actually enjoy being between projects, so I’m hoping things pick up some soon, but it’s been an interesting thing to have some downtime and time to reflect.

Today, I finally mailed a package the contents of which I have literally carried to and from work in my bag for more than 90 days. I’m more than two months past the occasion I meant to mark, but every time I thought about sitting down and putting the contents in an envelope, I convinced myself it would take time I didn’t have. And every day, I told myself that I would take care of it.

Today I took care of it. Took me about 15 minutes, even though I hit a snag in mailing. It was kind of ridiculous how much bigger a thing I made it than it needed to be. You would think that, with so much going on, expending the mental energy of beating myself up about this little thing that was supposed to be thoughtful would be a thing I couldn’t afford. I’m glad to be on the other side of it, finally.


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