Because We Didn’t Know What to Do with It

The project that has been making my professional life hard is nearing its end. But don’t worry, we’re going back in and complicating the next couple of products, just for good measure. We’re trying to get it out the door. I had a call, this morning, with someone who is theoretically supporting the project, but who secretly enjoys watching me struggle with it.

“Tell me again what this project was, why you’re changing it, and what you want it to be?”

“Well, it’s an online course, it’s been in place for 8 years without a major change and…”

“But why change it now?”

I have answers for this. I’ve been working on the project too long not to know what I’m trying to do to make it better and why. But then, I went into a pricing meeting. They’ve been keeping me out of conversations about the pricing, which is mostly fine with me.

They’re talking about radically changing the pricing, both up and down. When I ask questions about how we’re marketing it, I’m politely told that they are beside the point because they didn’t work with the previous version of the product, which we were thinking about sunsetting. Which is a reason to cut the price, because obviously, this product isn’t something anyone’s going to be very interested in.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been professionally fighting for my life over this product. To get it out the door. To build something that we can be proud of. Working nights and weekends for months, not counting the months of effort I put into it before that. And if we didn’t care and we didn’t think our customers would care or value it, can I ask what the point of all that was?

My paychecks are clearing, and they have nothing to do with what we ultimately price the product at, anyway, but this? This is why it’s hard to work on this project.


So what do you think?

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