Magical Getting Things Done Days

When you’re coming out of a season that’s overwhelming, when the list is always getting longer and it feels like you’re not even breaking even, just fighting not to fall so far behind that things grind to a literal halt, a little progress feels like a revolutionary act. Like you’ve got a fairy godmother suddenly on your side. I hate to overstate it, but it’s pretty exciting stuff.

Last night, Mom cancelled grocery shopping again. This is so my favorite thing that can happen on a Wednesday, I almost feel guilty about it. I know she loves it, I feel bad for jumping up and doing a happy dance about it.

The part of the xeriscape that didn’t get weeded Sunday (or Tuesday)? Got weeded. And Mother Nature further conspired to make my day by raining really hard when I was getting ready to hand-water things. Done and done.

The basil plant that I’ve been meaning to actually repot (instead fake-replanting when company came and I put the too-small pot inside the larger pot)? Check.

I’ve been wanting to clean my purse— it’s a cute bag, but it’s starting to show dirt. I finally got around to it! Dog: walked! Clean laundry: put away. Dirty laundry: to the basement! Litterboxes: scooped and refilled. Trash out for trash day: Done!

It’s not all beer and skittles— the hike I was looking forward to has been rescheduled in a way that will probably prevent my attendance and there is still plenty of ridiculous (I like things used according to their intent, Mom’s a rebel. I have a step trash can with a locking lid on it, that I got for the kitchen trash when I brought the puppy into my life. We don’t lock the lid because I broke him of interest in the kitchen trash pretty early, but I want the lid down. Mom has started leaving the lid up all the time. I thought it was because she has this theory about the air getting to the trash and keeping it from smelling bad (which is the reason she tells me that she props up the lids to the garage trash cans, at least until I clean up the dog poop from the yard and put it in there, stinking up the garage, at which point she concedes to having them closed), but she says it’s because it’s annoying and inconvenient to have to open the lid every time she wants to use it. I feel like it’s long-term bad for the hinge for the lid to stand open, and part of the reason you have a lid on trash is to contain the smell and bacteria and so forth. Also, it lets the trash fit under the counter overhang of the kitchen island so it’s not in the middle of the floor. She’s manic about flies and ants and mice in the house, and I feel like lidded kitchen trash is one of several sensible ways to keep from attracting such things. So I close it, when I see it open, and she opens it when she sees it closed, and it’s a thing that’s not yet got us screaming at each other, but give us time. And that’s just the home stuff.) But I’m pretty sure there’ll always be plenty of ridiculous, and if there isn’t, we’ll make some. As we appear to be doing in the kitchen.

But I don’t have weeding on my schedule, or cleaning my purse, or any of several things that I expected still to have to do by today. And tonight, I’m completely booked with things more interesting than chores. Which is even better!


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