Baby Steps

Today, my boss mentioned me (and the other people who worked on the product that launched today) in the announcement of the product launch. Which is more than she did last time.

The grass that died because my sprinklers still aren’t fixed is starting to have green patches in it, after weeks of my hand-watering it.

I have roller skates, I put them on and shakily skated up and down the sidewalk in front of my house by dark of night. I mostly took tiny steps and tried not to fall down (no pads.)

I spent an hour or so Saturday reorganizing the garage and we’ll start hanging some pictures on the wall— not that we have nothing on the wall, but we kind of put pictures on the wall downstairs where there were nail-holes from the previous owner, mostly in the living room. There’s much more we can do. We made decisions about exactly one of the 43 pictures I brought inside, but whatever. One more than we knew about this time last week.

Mom seems under the impression that all of her stuff is going on the walls in the public areas of the house and all of my stuff is going upstairs and about that, she is not correct, but we’re not quite crossing that bridge, yet. I should not have to point out in whose name the mortgage is, and who does 90 percent of the work in the house, but I will if I have to.. FWIW, I’m willing to let her stuff dominate downstairs, especially in her room, her office, and “the library”/guest room, and we’ll hang stuff I wouldn’t hang in my house if she didn’t live there in public areas, but it’s not her house, it’s our house. In fairness, what’s on the walls so far is mostly my stuff, because I was more serious about unpacking and having guests over than she was. Also, I knew if I didn’t get my stuff up, we’d decorate the whole house like my childhood home and that’s not acceptable to me.

She did say something later in the weekend about her not having fought harder about a house I liked better than she did because she knows that the plan is for me to live there longer, which was maybe an acknowledgment of all this, but under the category of baby steps, there’s more in this area left to do.

And I started a vision board. It’s helping me to name some things for me about what I want my work to do in my life, so even though I’m at the cutting things out stage and not at the putting together the board stage, I think I’ll have something good to show for what has always seemed like not my kind of project.



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