Kinetic Energy

When I got off work last night, I knew mom’s computer guy was going to be at the house, working on the upgrade that needs to be done by tomorrow. After days of running into road blocks, I recommended that. I think he’s probably doing more than is strictly necessary and I hope she’s not spending hundreds to make it happen, but honestly, I’m glad it’s off my plate and I’m not going to criticize the person who’s doing it. She trusts him and feels good about it, and I’m glad to be out of the equation, there.

Since we weren’t going to do our regular Wednesday thing, I thought I might mow the grass.

The computer guy looked at me, impressed, and said “you literally just got home from working all day and you’re mowing the grass?”

I smiled and said “We looked for a self-mowing lawn but it didn’t work out. It turns out that if I want the lawn mowed, I’m going to have to do it.”

So I consulted with the guy about the computer, got changed, cleaned up the yard and weeded a little, and started mowing. Then, the BFF called to find out why I sent a text asking about visioning activities (per yesterday’s post.) She has long done things like this and has a sideline as a personal coach. I normally discourage her from “coaching” me, because I don’t like unsolicited advice, but I decided there was a grace and a gift in humbly asking for her help when I know she knows something I’d like to know more about.

While we caught up and she gave me suggestions and support (there’s a reason she’s the BFF), I weeded my xeriscaped patch. I mowed until 30 minutes before the pool closed, then changed into my swimsuit, jumped in the pool for laps until 5 minutes before it closed, changed back, then finished mowing the back yard before dark and took out the trash cans.

The computer guy left soon thereafter and I heated up leftovers for mom and I (I’d set her up with snacks while he was out buying supplies) and collapsed on the couch for an hour or so. At the end of the show we watched, mom asked if I would bring the vacuum down so she could vacuum before her financial guy came this morning. I thought about doing that, but I also thought about how much I don’t agree with the vacuum as our primary method for cleaning the hardwood floors and the fact that it’s hard on her back. I made her a deal that I’d vacuum if she’d load the dishwasher with the dishes she’s been piling in the sink like they’re going to put themselves in the dishwasher. I knew from checking earlier in the evening that she’d also have to empty the dishes that she’s been leaving for me in the dishwasher like she doesn’t live there (“I wasn’t sure where they went…”) And then, because I was on a roll, I swept and mopped the kitchen floor. And then I tidied up the kitchen counter and island and the living room. And fed the animals. And fell into bed exhausted, about midnight.

In the end, I’m glad that the house is straightened— last weekend was busy enough that I didn’t do a lot of the regular house maintenance stuff I’d do, and it needed it. And it was the nice, meditative cleaning that I think felt good because I need some quiet time to figure out what to do to make myself happier. And since normally, I’d be wandering a grocery store I didn’t want to be in, trying not to be a nudge, it’s a little like a fairy came and mowed my lawn and cleaned my house because I didn’t anticipate going into the weekend so well-situated, home- and garden-wise, which makes time for writing or visioning or roller skating (another post), which are all things that are pulling on me right now. And I have more clarity for that work from the quiet and the moving. Let’s hope all this kinetic energy gives me a jump-start into something long-term better!


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