Planning to Fail, an update

One of the things I like best about adulthood is that when I spot a problem, I can just fix it. Mathematically impossible to get to work on time given what I’ve been doing? Told mom I need to go to bed earlier so we needed to wrap up the joint part of our evening together earlier. Went to bed earlier. Got up earlier. On time for work, decently rested, having done a little yoga and my morning pages, read some of one of the magazines I never have time to read, and significantly less stressed. My personal belief that I’m constitutionally incapable of going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, or being on time for work be damned.

Like the calories in-calories out math that I wanted to believe didn’t apply to me? Just not true. Another example of “be careful what you say to yourself, about yourself, because you’ll live down to the bad stuff just as surely as you’ll live up to the good stuff.”



So what do you think?

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