2016- Q1

I set a bunch of goals for 2016— here’s how I’m doing.

Health and Fitness

  • Middling. I didn’t lose more than 3 pounds in the quarter, and my goal was to lose significantly more than that. I did start exercising more frequently, but then it came off the rails a couple of weeks ago when I got sick and I’m going to have to start over again.
  • Soda: I’m doing better on this than I was in 2015, but still drinking more than I should. The proportion of soda to water and non-soda beverages is much better, but I basically added a bunch of water and tea in between the sodas, to get there.


  • Good progress. My BFF’s dad helped me cross one big project off my list (technically speaking on the first day of Q2, but who’s counting.) I got an estimate to grade the yard which I got through HOA approval. Mom found a guy to repair our torn screens. I’ve looked at house-help and yard-help. Q2 looking excellent, as it looks like it will be warm enough this weekend to paint a big chunk of that fence before the garden grows in and takes over.


  • Middling. I didn’t really start dating again, and I didn’t manage to go dancing. I also didn’t have the games night, though my nephews stayed with us one night and I’m calling that entertaining, for the quarter. I did make plans to go dancing, but had a bad weekend with car repair plus mom hospital and cancelled. I’ll try to go this quarter.
  • Travel: I did go on a trip with my niece, which was lovely. I had been planning on quarterly travel, but between traveling more for work than I anticipated and Italy, I’m likely to tone down personal travel.
  • Reading: I did start The Brothers Karamazov, and am about halfway through. My brother has had challenges with getting to listen it, but I’m enjoying it. I’m not entirely clear that I’m getting what I’m supposed to, from it, but frankly, it’s less of a pain to listen to than I thought it would be (I like Russian novels, but they tend to be epic in scope and more than a little depressing in tone). I also have a goal to read 32 books this year (including TBK.) I started out the year reading a lot, but haven’t made great progress more recently.


  • Fair. For the first two months, totally on-track. Writing three times a week, making great progress. Totally off the rails in March. The good thing is that I wrote a lot of stuff, and I’m reading a lot about structure. The bad thing is that I wrote a lot of stuff that probably isn’t the larger work I intend to spend the year on. My goal in April is to play with structure, a little. There’s some work crazy that is keeping me from wanting to write on my lunch hours, which was working out pretty well— definitely better than before work, after work, or on the weekends. I was routinely behind on transcribing. I need to try out Scrivener. But I am in touch with the accountability partner, and that piece is working reasonably well.

Work and work-adjacent

  • I more than achieved my first work goal of the year, and am making reasonable progress toward a second. I’ve fallen behind on overall progress on a third.
  • I’m making good progress toward achieving my Competent Communicator through Toastmasters. I spoke once in March, I’ll speak again in May, and have drafted my next speech, so if a speaking opportunity arises before May (or after), I can take advantage of it.

So what do you think?

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