Same Stuff, Different Day

I didn’t do a Lenten Challenge this year, and yet, here I am in Holy Week, wondering what to do about the state of my house.

Here’s the thing. I called a local maid service and they want $300/month to come every other week and do the chores I was wanting help with. I don’t feel good about paying someone $300/month, especially when I think the vaccuming, among other things, needs to be done every week with three pets. I’ve checked with an area high school kid who wants to do chores for pocket money to see about mowing my lawn. But something’s got to give. I’m happy to do my own landscaping, I’m happy to walk my own dog, and I’m happy to do all the cooking. But that plus a full-time job and I’m done— my to-do list doesn’t leave me time for dating and writing and exercising and travel and the other things I want to do, and I’m pretty sure there should be life past the to-do list, though that’s purely aspirational, at the moment.

The house isn’t in terrible shape, but it needs more attention than I can give it without feeling like Cinderella. I also need to be freed up to deal with bigger stuff in the house. The yard is okay and probably will be until I have to start watering it, at which time it needs 90 minutes of sustained mowing at least weekly. Sixteen years ago, I cleaned a friend’s house for $10 an hour when money was tight. It was uncomfortable socially, because she had me doing her laundry and she wasn’t doing much in the way of scraping plates and doing dishes between my once-weekly visits, but it was mostly a win-win— she got someone to help around the house and I got a little breathing room in my budget. I know we’ve got a solution for the laundry and we’re managing our own trash and dishes and things— this is vacuuming, mopping, dusting level cleaning I’m proposing, and I think it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. And I’d happily pay more than I was paid then, though I’m thinking that I’d rather pay for a set list of tasks than an hourly wage, because Mom is chatty, and I’d like to incentivize completion of tasks rather than time spent in the house. Not that I’m opposed to people chatting with Mom, just not wanting to pay someone to do that, given the wealth of people happy to talk to her for free.

Anybody used anything like TaskRabbit?




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