I Forget

This last weekend, I went to the ballet with my ballet buddy and her niece and my mom. We saw “ALICE (in Wonderland)” at the Colorado Ballet. It was a wonderful performance— beautifully done. I enjoyed so much about the way they set it and characterized things. Alice grew, she shrunk, she floated on a pool of tears, she fell down the rabbit hole. At intermission, I was chatting with my companions about it, and my ballet-buddy referred to “Beauty and the Beast” as possibly her favorite of the ones we had seen. I had the sense that I saw B&theB, but I don’t have any specific recollection of it. Of many of the ballets and theater/opera performances, I have a prevailing mental image— a particular set or costume, a particular moment that stands out. I just don’t have one for B&theB. She seemed surprised. She’s a few years older than I am, and remembers specific ballets better.

I can say, because I stumbled across a Facebook memory this week that referenced it, that I did see it, but I still don’t remember anything specific. Last year, we had this. I said I wanted to see Cinderella, and was surprised we hadn’t seen that one, over the years. She said “we did.” Later, I found my ticket stub from the first time we saw it. She’s absolutely right— we did see it. I just have no independent recollection. I dimly recollect the first “Cinderella” as contrasted to the second, but it’s mostly the second one as contrasted to the Disney movie.

I’m not worried that I have some kind of disorder, because by and large, I have a great memory. But I have started to see exponentially more theater/opera/dance than I used to, and I think the number of specific recollections is probably limited. When I started this blog, I thought I’d do more in the way of theater memories— I think I may try to go back and do some of that, so that I don’t have a sense that these moments are being entirely wasted.


So what do you think?

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