Catching Right Up

Sorry for the radio silence! I survived my busy stretch without the horrible illness I was sure was awaiting me. I’ve been on another trip and launched an initiative and we should be good for a bit.

In some catch-up news, I’ve been steadily plugging along, writing an hour a week and reading a chapter on structure. Even on the weeks where I don’t have a lot of bandwidth, I’ve managed that. I fell behind on transcribing, but I used transit time on my vacation and caught all the way up. It’s kind of impressive, how it starts to add up. I’m still not sure what it’s adding up to, but there are parts of it that I think are good, and whatever it is, I think it’s doing me good to write it. I’m starting to think about building a writer’s group to help me figure out what, if anything, it is. I’ve done writer’s groups before and some are helpful and some are not. I’d kind of like to plug into something someone else organizes— I’m not so much looking for encouragement and support in this as unbiased, non-competitive insight from people who don’t have to navigate our personal relationship to tell me the truth. There’s a writer’s group a friend used to take classes through— I may look into that.

In other catch up news, the dog is finally out of recovery from Surgery 1. The surgeon has insisted that I limit him and his interaction with other dogs and so forth, while he was recovering. I didn’t, entirely (Hi, I’m M and I’m bullheaded), but I have been rounding down, especially on his ability to hang out and play with other dogs. They’ve drilled into my head how important it is to help him maintain a healthy weight (he had hip surgery before I got him and he has problems with all of his legs, so a way to keep those joints from being unduly stressed is not to let him be overweight), and just before the surgery, my regular vet said he’d like to see him about 5 pounds lighter. (75 pounds instead of 80) After two months of surgery recovery, he was 3 pounds heavier than that, he’d been so limited (even though I cut back on his food some.) He’s lost most of the additional weight he’d gained since the splint came off, (I’d say because I’ve let him do longer walks and we’re walking pretty much nightly, again), but I think that he needs to be stronger and lighter before we do this again, so I’ve requested four to six weeks of physical therapy before I schedule Surgery 2. Also, I need him not to be in crisis for a bit. If he could just be a puppy, I have some other things that need energy.

Like major car repairs. Looking forward to that, next week. I’m also thinking through regrading my yard, to minimize basement/crawl space flooding to which I’m somewhat vulnerable in the new place. It’s a fine time to spend a lot of money on maintenance, apparently, so that’s exciting. My life is obv. v. glamorous.

But the upside is that I’m starting to plan my garden and I’m halfway through the surgery business, and I got to spend a great, fun weekend away with my eldest niece, and by and large, I’m still ridiculously blessed. I’m looking forward to going dancing (one of my quarterly goals) and other fun stuff.

And I made a yummy dinner last night that I’ll tell you about in my next post!






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