Running Downhill

I’ve had the feeling several times in this new year. And just in case there’s anything to karma, I’m remarking on it with gratitude, not bragging or complaining.

I’m not sure if it’s the work I did in goal-setting late last year, or the fact that I’ve been in the job for a year now and have a good sense for what the job is, all the way to the nooks and crannies, or just a respite from the whirlwind I usually find myself in, but I’ve had the sense that especially at work, there are things that are taking less effort than I thought they would— that sense that the wind is at your back. It’s a great feeling. Much better than that “things just won’t stay done!” feeling that frustrates me so. And better than the feeling of being bored (which is maybe this feeling, hanging around too long). It’s helping me to make progress in other areas— areas where I can make ground now, that will save me work later. It’s helping me with personal goals.

Today, I came in and was focused enough until 11 a.m. that I got a little panicky about what I was going to do for the afternoon. Even though I’m taking on extra work and launching new projects, and things. I hit the pause button and did my workout (while the East Coast hunkers down for the storm, we’re enjoying a sunny day in the mid-50s. Possibly because God knew I couldn’t take much more of the Iowa climate that we’ve been having this year. So I walked outside without a jacket.) I did my writing. And while I did those things, my morning started bearing fruit and I had a few other things to do.

I’ll be honest, I’m also just taking a second and enjoying the lull. There hasn’t been one in awhile, things are going to get really busy for the next few weeks, and busy for busy’s sake isn’t really moving me. Which, if you know me, is real progress. My filing is un-done, my co-worker who wants to put the least urgent/important task on my list on the top of my list is going to wait a little longer. There will be enough times for me to work through my lunch, and this weekend, I’m going to need to do some testing for a new product, but taking a few minutes, enjoying being caught up with the urgent? So good.



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