Just Fix It, Already!

It’s not my most attractive quality, I’ll admit, but I’ll work around a minor broken thing for an impressive length of time. Cases in point? My garbage disposal in my condo never really functioned, for the 8 years I lived there. I fixed it to sell the place. I installed a microwave when I moved in, but it crapped out after about a year, so I used a workhorse of a free-standing microwave I inherited from my parents from the 90s that I’d stored in my attic. Again, I replaced it to sell the condo, but not for my own purposes.

But I’m trying to be better about fixing things in 2016. A short list of things I’ve fixed or made progress on, in the new year:

  • Four pair of shoes to the shoe repair
  • The gas cap on my car (sadly, check engine light still on)
  • The visor on my car (so expensive, I’m not sure it’s totally worth it. So annoying that it might be.)
  • The cable upstairs has been coiled in the doorway of my sitting room since the guy installed it, because it has to run from my bedroom to where I have the TV in the other room, about 10 feet away (as the crow flies). I bought some stuff and got it out of the way.
  • I got a pair of earrings for my birthday on which the stone fell out before I could even put them on. I’ve glued it back in.
  • I had two Christmas ornaments that fell apart in storage but could be easily fixed, and now have been.
  • I have a pegboard in the garage. Twice, now, I’ve bought S-hooks, to try to make it useful. Twice, I’ve discovered that the S-hooks are not going to work (I thought the first ones were too big. The smaller ones won’t work either. I have, like, three lifetime’s supply of s-hooks at this point.) But I found some hooks in my hardware supplies that do work and I put them in the damned pegboard, just to show that it’s not going to beat me!
  • I bought some stuff to fix chips in the porcelain of the bathtub and shower downstairs. I got totally overwhelmed at the 47-part process and the fact that you have to use the whole kit at once, freezing it between stages, but I’ll buck up and do it this weekend.
  • I’ve known I had a bad battery in my laptop for about a year— the replacement arrived yesterday. I’ve had a dead Fitbit since mid-November. Batteries for that arrived recently, too. (It makes me a little crazy, because I have batteries for it, but they did not end up in the same place in the new house as they were in the old house, and I’m tired of hoping I’ll run across them.) And I’m hoping I can pry the back of the Fitbit off, given that I don’t have their handy-dandy too (which is with the spare batteries, sensibly). (I’ve tried before. It’s no joke.)

I’m told that, if you’re into feng shui, fixing broken things should make your chi better. I’m not a big adherent to that system, but I do find that things that are broken subtly steal the energy you have to use for other things. It’s a little like not writing down your to-dos. If you don’t write them down, you’re constantly thinking “oh, right, I’ve got to remember to call x about y,” or “what am I going to do about ____?” All of those are distractions, and every distraction is a commitment of time or energy. Every time you have to work around, it costs you something.

What are you fixing, already, in the new year?



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