Workout Oddity of the Week

I’m not sure I work out enough for this to be a regular feature, but I’m suffering from a phenomenon I’ve encountered before, and I’m wondering if this is my own brand of strange, or if it’s more widespread than that.

Here’s the situation: I complete a cardio workout in a gym around this time of year. Possibly this is because I typically work out outside in summer, but it’s particular to January through April for whatever reason. I feel good during the workout and immediately after. About 20 minutes after the workout, I start sneezing pretty uncontrollably. Often, this happens as I’m driving home from the gym and I have to pull over. Today, I worked out in the gym in my office, so the sneezing fit happened at my desk. Literally dozens of sneezes. This sort of crazy sneezing fit is outside the norm for me. If it’s sinus/allergy stuff, which I cope with year-round and have had my entire life, I sneeze once, maybe twice. If I blow my nose before I start sneezing, I can often head it off entirely. These gym sneezes don’t seem to be responsive to my normal coping.

Anyone else allergic to their post-cardio, early-in-the-year follow up to the cooldown? Tips on how to avoid/manage it?


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