Past the Halfway Point…

Where is December going?! The year is slipping away so fast!

To update my lists and lists of lists…

I’ve made six kinds of goodies, most of them made to the point they can be frozen, and sliced and baked fresh.

  • Chocolate-cherry snowballs
  • Chocolate-white chocolate snowballs
  • Ginger cookies
  • Candied orange peel
  • Peanut butter with toffee chips
  • Apple cider cookies

Still to go:

  • Frost bites
  • I think I might do chai snickerdoodles
  • Cinnamon honey cookies
  • A kind of shortbread or two— still torn on the particulars there. I’ll add a poll to this— cherry, brown butter, plain, chocolate/chocolate chip?
  • I have these white chocolate peppermint-flavored morsel things that came in a gift basket— if you have thoughts about how to use them, I’ll take them.
  • I might do “magic cookie bars” just because they’re easy and hit and hit the elusive coconut/non macaroon demo.

I’ve also done a bunch of unrelated baking. (Orange bread/coffee cake/ today’s sourdough wheat rolls.) Which is probably where December has gone.

Thank yous:

Done and done.

Christmas cards:

Mom is doing all the heavy lifting there. I bought the cards and she’s using my address book, but I haven’t done a single one of my cards. This is why I do them over Thanksgiving. If we’re going to wait until I’m in full baking/package assembly mode, they’re not going out.


I’ve done more of this than I meant to— I strung lights on the outside and forced decisions on outside decorations, and now I’ve set them up. I’ve also insisted on moving our wreath. I try not to give feedback on tasks I’ve delegated, but I failed this time. It’s 100 percent more visible where it is, and considering we overpaid for it (for charity), visible is good.


Tantalizingly close to a full list thanks to shopping trips today and yesterday (mostly because a lot of my double-hitters (birthday and Christmas) want cash and I’m not fighting it). Nothing, not-one-thing wrapped or ready to be mailed.


Nothing except Hallmark Channel watched. I’ll be watching well into the new year, for shore.


I’veĀ  listened to some Christmas music, including Handel’s Christmas-focused portions of the “Messiah” and “Audete Gaudete.” And gone caroling.

Feet, don’t fail me now!


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