What Tools Do You Use to Write?

Right now, I’m writing fiction on a notepad, using whatever pen is at hand. I’ve got a folio for my other pages.

I’ve been using Evernote as a central, accessible location for writing I’m not doing here, but a recent post by someone I follow has me wondering about trying Scrivener, which sounds like a potentially helpful bit of software.

Writers can be superstitious, so if you have a favorite brand of pen or whatever, I welcome your thoughts about that, too.


4 thoughts on “What Tools Do You Use to Write?

  1. I originally used Word documents but eventually I went with Liquid Story Binder for my novels. It was overwhelming at first but once I sat down and really got the hang of it, I found it to be great. Two laptops later and I have almost forgotten everything I knew about LSB and I used Google Docs for this years NaNo failure. Google docs has been my go-to for writing the last year or so because it can be used across devices.

    My goal is to re-introduce myself to LSB and use it for future projects. 🙂

  2. I am partial to Sanford Uniball Micro Pens in black for long hand stuff, but, admit that at work, I usually end up with whatever pen I can find, because I don’t take my good pens there to be lost.

    For Software, well, I put longer stuff on Google docs so that I can work on it whenever and wherever I have a computer. I mostly sorta use Word, even though I don’t actually much like it. I’ve fiddled about using OneNote, but haven’t quite figured out how to make it more useful to me. It doesn’t yet feel like an intuitive way to build a story to me, and i don’t think I have enough of an idea of the structure of things, for the most part, before I start building, so it seems like I’m putting in extra work that I might not actually need. However, it might help me keep things straight for the very convoluted YA time travel series.

    • The thinking I’m doing about structure has me thinking in terms in terms of beats and scenes, and I’m writing this new thing that way— I did actually start it where I thought it started, but then got the sense that I was starting in the wrong place. And so it’s currently spreading in many directions. I could definitely do it in Evernote or without software, but I’m curious enough that software seems like a thing I’m interested in tinkering with. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it!

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