Resolving… Again

I have an easier time resolving to do things around my birthday, than I do around New Year’s (though I tend not to start diets at this time of year, which seems a little like an uphill battle.) I started working out a few nights ago– nothing major. I picked up some weighted gloves and have dusted off some of my kickboxing moves.

What I know about myself is that I do too much, early, and I don’t sustain. So this time, I’m trying to start small. Sunday night, I did a handful of punch drills, one set each, and a handful of kick drills. And then I stopped. Last night, I stepped it up, and did more sets and more combinations. My heart rate was up for longer. I also did a tiny bit of yoga as part of my unwinding for the night. Some twists and stretches for my lower back, some deep breathing, just very light. It was good.

In fact, it was good enough that I did a good solid sun salutation this morning, to start the day.

It’s not much— grand total, I’ve done much less than I was typically doing in a single gym visit, but it’s been a good 7 months since I’ve been to the gym, and small, sustainable changes are the name of this game.

I’ve ordered a mini trampoline, to go with my kickboxing reps and yoga stretches. I owned one once, and I don’t have a hard time making myself do cardio on it. What I’ve noticed is that I’m reluctant to go to the gym when it means more time away from the house (while the dog is recovering, especially, this can be a point of contention.) It would be great if I’d use my lunch hour for a workout (there’s a gym in my building, and a branch of the gym I belong to not that far from here, and stairs to climb and paths to walk…), but so far, that’s just been a nice thing I tell myself I’ll do, without ever actually doing it. Finding something I can do while I hang out with the “fam” at night seems like the right answer for now.

Especially since cookie baking season is nearly upon us!


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