Cider Cake

A few years ago, I got this idea to have a party themed around hot drinks— I served pots of hot chocolate and hot spiced cider, with all the trimmings [whipped cream, several kinds of marshmallows, cinnamon], for small fry and [peppermint schnapps, Irish cream, Kahlua, whiskey, cinnamon schnapps] those who wanted something spike-able alike. I made a hot chocolate cake and a cider cake. I still like the idea of a spiced cider cake, so that’s what I did this weekend, to go with my party food.

This recipe was from a Pinterest pin I saved several years ago, and when I went back for the recipe, I had a lot of trouble accessing it. I’d like the recipe’s author to get credit, and I ultimately did find the recipe, so here’s where I found it (I’ve also saved it somewhere I can find it again, if the site continues to be in question).

The cake came together well— cream together butter and sugar, add eggs and vanilla, add sifted dry ingredients alternately with buttermilk, finish with warm cider, bake in buttered, floured bundt pan for the better part of an hour at medium heat.

The cake turned right out of the pan, no problem (a fine quality in a bundt.) I warmed the cider for the cake with the cider for the frosting and let the cider for the frosting reduce while the cake baked, which worked well. I don’t really buy pumpkin pie spice, but I blend cinnamon (this time I used Saigon cinnamon), nutmeg, ginger, and cloves to great effect. I’d say that in the cake, the flavoring was pretty subtle, and I might be inclined to go a little longer on spices next time. I’d also be tempted to reduce the cider for the cake, also, for more concentrated flavor.

I did realize, after the cake came out, that I had accidentally doubled the butter for the recipe (multitasking, again.) I wonder how much that affected things. The texture was good— maybe a little rich, but not greasy or heavy. But I’m wondering if that could have muted the flavors.

The frosting came together well— it was a little less loose than I expected— I spooned it over the cake and ended up having to spread it a little (not as much as a buttercream, but less of a glaze than I thought.) It packed a wallop, between the Saigon cinnamon and the concentrated cider. I thought it was a great addition, especially given how mild the cake was. Very enjoyable— not too sweet, but festive.


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