Dithering with Itchy Feet

I have itchy feet.

For the last five years at least, but honestly, for most of the last 10, my work has taken me out of town a couple of times during the fall. With my job change and a big product to launch this fall, I’ve stayed home.

That has definitely had its upsides— time to settle into the new house, time to help the dog recuperate, time to go to every theater production that crosses an entrepreneuring theater-manager’s mind.

But partly because I have had less vacation time because of the job change and partly because I’ve had less business travel than I’ve seen over the last several years, it has had its downsides too. I love my place, I’m loving cooking there, in particular, but a couple of days away sound really good to me. It’s been a stressful summer, with the move, followed by a stressful fall, with the product launch and dog drama, since I’ve gotten away in any meaningful sense.

I proposed the idea to mom, that we get away over Thanksgiving. This is pretty radical for me, because Thanksgiving is a lot about home and hearth for me, but I’m pretty well stocked on home and hearth at the moment. It’s also about traditional foods, but I feel like I might not completely lose my mind if someone gives me turkey with not quite what I had in mind side dishes. (This one’s still very hypothetical to me. There is a right answer and a wrong answer on cranberry sauce and yams, for example, and where you get them wrong [hint— Thanksgiving is a marshmallow- and maple- free holiday for me], I have a hard time being the best version of myself, about it. I also have very definite ideas about the mandatory presence of pumpkin pie.) I love to make a big elaborate traditional meal and have people over, but I’ll scratch that itch with a get-together this weekend (less elaborate, not a meal, less traditional, but hostess itch scratched.) I’d like to go somewhere we can take the dog and just… not be at home for a day or two.

I’ve found a deal that’s not too ridiculous, price-wise or driving-wise. We can bring the dog (for a fee), there’s stuff for me and stuff for her and stuff we can both do together. I’ve bounced it off mom, she’s mostly on-board… and yet I haven’t made the reservation. Part of me says “just stay home— if it snows too much or you have to eat Funyons for Thanksgiving day, you’ll not take it well.” Mom has had health problems most Thanksgivings for the past 4 years (unrelated to Thanksgiving, just a coincidence. One year it was a post-surgical infection. Another year, she took a fall. One year, she just wasn’t feeling great.) And part of me says “if you stay home, you’ll feel like you have to clean this and cook that and fix the other thing, and a break— even a small change of scene— is very much in order.”

I think we’ll ultimately go. I think I’ll probably call today or tomorrow. But if you have an answer about why I want it and am not following through, do please feel free to clue me in.

ETA: Trip booked. And not a moment too soon—prices increased part of the way through my conversation with the booking agent, and then again. He found me a rate that saved me about $20, which I appreciated, and threw in some resort amenities worth probably $100. I’m getting so excited for it!


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