Let Me Count the Ways, Day 2

So yesterday, I talked about how much I loved to talk with you. I think the second best thing I like about you is when you talk to other people about what I’ve written. (I’m assuming, of course, that you’re saying only the kindest things.)

I’ve seen that, tied for the top shared posts, are these two:

I have to tell you that I love that the physical therapy post got shared outside this blog. One of the things that was hard for me was not having much reference for growth plate disorders, angular limb deformity, or things like physical therapy. When I Googled it, on his preliminary and final diagnoses, I just didn’t find much that was helpful. And it’s a terrible, disorienting time with no information. I wrote that post specifically so that it would give people an idea of what they might be facing and that there’s a way through it, if they choose this path.

On the other hand, I’m entirely befuddled that the Lenten Challenge post got shared at all. Honored, but befuddled. They say “write what you know,” and I guess there’s some truth to that. It seemed to me a very journal-like post with few practical take-aways. I’m glad that there was more there than I could see, for those who shared it. That’s actually really encouraging for me, because I often wonder if I’d be more successful if I philosophized and theorized less and kept more of a brand focus and best practices orientation.

What you should know about me is that I can do that all day long, but I’ll never care about it the way I care about what I do now. And to the extent that I care less, I’ll do it less. I don’t like those “the 5 things you’ve got wrong” click-bait posts any more than the next person who’s been rooked into reading too many of them does. I’d hate to contribute to that trend, successful as it is.

In all, something I’ve written has been shared dozens of times. I’m honored.

So please keep sharing! And let me know what makes you want to share a post (here, or anywhere)!


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