Let Me Count the Ways, Day 1: Top Conversation Starters

The number one way I celebrate you is through our conversations. I love it when you share your thoughts (though I’ll admit that I like to dig in to these conversations, and I’m not sure that I’ve found the best spirit in which to approach that. I’m working on it, I promise!)

It seems like we like to talk about my love life, most, and my goals. Here are the 10 posts that have earned the most robust conversations, so far:

  • Boomerang-erang, in which I tell the semi-pathetic story of not cutting bait and moving on from some dating situations in the way that would have been smartest.
  • What Are the Odds?, in which I muse about whether the dog’s medical problems could be addressed wholly, or in part, by the children’s book series I’ve pondered since I got him.
  • How Much Is Enough?, in which I ponder whether I’m trying to find an hour a day for too many things (spoiler alert, I am.)
  • The One, my musings on finding Mr. Right, and what it means or not that I have not found him yet. Possibly my favorite philosophical post.
  • Learning and Relearning, a post from the midst of my recent move, pondering that transition.
  • Great Day in the Morning! in which I rejoice in the birth of my youngest great-niece.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, a post in which I talk about the importance of the story that you tell yourself about your experience
  • Adventures in… Lawn Mowing, in which I learn lessons from my new living situation.
  • Wrestling My Inner Writer, in which I struggle for legitimacy as a writer
  • Iconic Tales Are Written by the Victors, in which I share an obsession for tales retold from another perspective. Possibly my favorite post, full-stop.

Interesting to me that my kitchen stuff isn’t necessarily generating a lot of conversation, though it seems to generate interest and subscribers. I’m concerned that I’m shutting down conversation in ways I don’t intend to (there are, I admit, conversations I’m not open to, and I tend to be pretty up-front about that.) I welcome your thoughts about what I could do to make you more comfortable in sharing your experiences and thoughts!

Thanks again for your interest and for your support! This wouldn’t mean much to me, without you, and it means more to me all the time!


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