How Do I Celebrate You? Let Me Count the Ways!

You all helped me to pass a milestone, yesterday, and I wanted to find a special way to thank you. I got my 100th (or 102nd— my stat counters vary in their reports to me) subscriber yesterday, and I’m very honored!

I wasn’t quite sure how to show you my appreciation. My nearest and dearest suggested making a list of my 100 favorite things. Let me know if you’d like that (or if you’d like a specific turn on that— 100 favorite books/movies/plays or 100 favorite dog things or 100 favorite recipes). But somehow, that seemed like it honored me more than it honors you. Plus 100 things is a lot for you to have to wade through. (FWIW, making a list of 100 things is one of my favorite life lessons— I read an article about it and did it myself for the first time on a trip to Ireland with my BFF 10 years ago— we made a list of 100 things we remembered from the trip on the plane home. It forces you to think about the little things that you might otherwise forget. I’ve also done it after heartbreak— it forces you to get into the good of it and the bad. And after the list is done, I have closure in a way I seldom get to otherwise. I highly recommend it.)

So I think I’d like to tell you my favorite things about getting to know you. I’ll do a mix of the highest traffic posts and posts that remind me of conversations with you and things you’ve taught me. The number in my head is 10, but it may be more, because I have a hard time narrowing down favorite things about you. I’ll do it for the next 10 days or so. And I hope to invite you ever more into conversation, so I can get to know you better, as we go along.


So what do you think?

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