Tell Me Again Why You Need Me to Get Involved?

Hi! Long time no chat! Still paddling furiously to stay ahead of deadlines and responsibilities, but hoping to be back here sometime soon. Lots of thoughts, just not a lot of time to write about them.

Today’s theme in my life: Though I’ve articulated a clear if-then relationship, people are punting situations to me for me to handle.

At work, there’s a form to fill out if you need me to adjust something on your record. Everyone in the company is empowered to send out this form in response to customer requests. The form comes to me, I fix the record, we’re on to the next thing. This has been going on for two weeks. Suddenly, it’s like nobody remembered what the instructions were. “But he needs something adjusted on his record, and I don’t know how to help him!” Yes. You. Do.

At home, the dog licks the area just above his splint (we’re three weeks post the first surgery as of today, and the surgeon must have seen his shadow when he changed the bandage yesterday, because he refused to downsize the cast as he’d suggested he would, so that’s two more weeks of full splint/bandage, which is two more weeks of me on the couch because the dog can’t do stairs.) When he does that, he needs to wear the collar. That has been the deal every day for three weeks. Mom (who has largely been great about keeping an eye on him) just tattled to me by email that he wouldn’t leave that area alone all morning. Like there’s something I can do about it from across town. Like it’s unusual in the first day of a new bandage (this is his third.) Like the surgeon’s rules haven’t been clearly communicated to her. She’s also stopped feeding him during the day (“his dish was outside”— yes. That’s where he was, so it seemed cruel to put it anywhere else, if my goal was for him to have food available). I think the passive aggressive is rearing its head.

I know my frustration at his splint not being downsized is a factor here, and my back has been twinging all day (see “three weeks sleeping on the couch”) so I’m probably more than a little touchy. But if there’s a protocol, it’s largely so you don’t have to ask me about it every time. And I’m going to get crankier and crankier every time you ask me. In case you were wondering what the protocol was, when you don’t follow the protocol…


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