Once Begun…

There’s a lot going on, at the moment, and it’s only going to get busier, in the short term. I’d suspect that things will get steadily busier through the end of the year. And that’s making me feel a little panicky. But I did something today that made me feel a little better about things, and I thought I’d share:

The things that have been making me stop and think “crap, I need to do that!”— I started by writing them down somewhere I knew I’d see them and do something about it, so that my brain stopped feeling like it needed to remind me of them. This is a trick from Getting Things Done, the most helpful book/productivity system I’ve ever encountered. It’s a concept that says if your brain is busy keeping track of a bunch of stuff, you can’t dedicate that brainpower to more important priorities.

And, as David Allen, the author of GTD says, as soon as I did that, I had a list in front of me. When I needed to take a break from something, I had a list of calls I needed to make. Tasks that have been nagging me for weeks? Resolved over the course of a busy morning. Pretty much without breaking stride.

It’s not everything, and in a lot of cases, I set an appointment, or I bought tickets for something I’ve been talking about— it’s not like I don’t have to actually go, but I’ve made the appointment, dedicated the funds, set aside the time on my calendar— it really is making a difference.

I’m also starting to notice things that get me a little ahead— I made some things that I’ll be giving as gifts come the end of the year on Monday, I picked up a couple of things for ye olde gift closet while shopping last night.

Once begun is half done, indeed!


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