My Guardian Dear

Maybe you remember that last week, I talked about getting to work a little earlier, so I could be a little social and still get into my day. Yesterday, I read an article about how the most successful people get to work about 15 minutes before their scheduled start time, to give themselves to get organized before they jump into things. I was thinking about it all day yesterday, including when I went to sleep. I know something like that would be a radical change for me (I’m a “just in time” mindset person, which means that frankly, I tend to run a little late. Like, for my whole life.) I even had a conversation with my mom about it, reminiscing that before the move, I’d walk the dog in the morning, but since the move, it seems like I’ve just lost that time.

This morning, just before my alarm went off, the dog indicated a need to go out. This is very very out of character. But one thing that I had identified as a hindrance was the dog’s unwillingness to come downstairs in the morning, so I got out of bed and let him out. From there, I had also theorized that a help to getting me out the door 15 minutes earlier was being out of the tub or shower by a certain time in the morning. I came upstairs and started the tub. The tub is a little quirky, with jets you have to press the button several times to turn on and a plug that you step on to fill it. I stepped on it a few times until I felt it settle into place and went to make my bed as it filled. This tub fills quickly, so I came right back, and it wasn’t any more full. This is a bad sign, because typically, by the time I realize the tub isn’t filling, I’ve used too much of the hot water and am stuck with a tepid or cold bath. I tend to like my bath just short of send-me-to-the-emergency-room hot, so a cold bath is a special form of misery. I hoped for the best and got in, trying to fill it enough to run the jets, while I waited for more hot water. I filled it to just over the jets, and then started them. PSA: You need an inch or so of water over the jets, and here’s why: The jets sprayed water all over the bathroom before I could get them turned off. I had my cell phone in the hand that was outside the tub and it got wet too, and I got early indications that it was going to quirk it up, as a result.

This was the second time in 10 minutes where I had the “oh, God, it’s that kind of Monday” feeling. I was able to wait it out, get more hot water, and run the jets before I had to get out to keep the morning on track. Over the weekend, I had let the bathroom and my bedroom get a little cluttered, so as I got ready, I tidied up behind myself. I got downstairs with enough time to make myself breakfast, feed and water the dog and cats, give the dog his meds, and was on track for the 15 minute early morning. I even managed to empty my hamper in the basement.

And then I couldn’t, for the life of me, find my keys. I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for them, searching my purse and the house again and again and trying to stay calm. I was to the point of searching the fridge and the ignition of the car, neither of which is at all like me. I eventually found my keys, in my purse, but I easily spent 10 minutes looking for them. I also hit construction on the way out of my neighborhood.

We could totally look at this morning and say “Oh, Monday is coming after you for sure!” But the thing I see again and again is “what if I didn’t start out with the idea that I needed to be early this morning, and all this stuff happened?” So I’m going to say thank you to my guardian angel and call it good.


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