I’m finding that I suddenly have a lot of outward energy— I want to go places and make things and do things and meet people and catch up with people. It’s a great feeling, especially compared with hyper-focused box-checking for moving, but it’s one that makes me uneasy, because I tend to take on too much when I feel like this. In the last day, I’ve come up with a three-year career professional certifications plan and a deep-seated conviction I need to start going to Toastmasters again, started mentally planning a calendar of fall theater/music events, and started thinking about where I could build out my social circles, both with friendships and romantic prospects. This totally feeds my soul, but it also leads pretty directly to exhaustion, especially given how much more of my time is given over to domestic responsibility. This fall needs to see me painting the fence and cleaning the gutters, as well as all the fun stuff that is leaping to mind every second.

I’m trying to sit on myself, a little, here. Any suggestions for how to be moderate in this area, and still get the benefit of joyfully throwing myself into the things that feed my soul?

For example, one thing I’m thinking about doing is hiring a little professional help to free up some time for soul-feeding. Once I know better what our household budget looks like, either some cleaning help or some lawn-care help seems in order, so M doesn’t become a dull and resentful girl. Another thing is trying to keep to one big plan per week, so there’s plenty of time for real life, in with the sparkly stuff.


So what do you think?

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