Procrastinating Life

Sometimes, when you’re going through something big (like, say, buying/selling a house and taking on a more active care role for an aging parent), it feels like everything else has to wait. Dating? No time. Entertainment? Later. Self-care? Are you kidding?

But it’s a bad plan. That way leads to burnout and long-term regret. I’m trying to be intentional about building in a little something for me. Right now, my rule of thumb is one thing just for me every week, plus walking the dog about every other day during the evenings. It’s a toss-up whether that’s spiritually better for him or for me, so we call that one a win-win. It’s got side benefits of being exercise and social, so it’s like win-win-win-win-win! I hope to increase the frequency of going out and/or doing things just because they bring me joy once we’re a little better settled in.

Last week, a wonderful friend suggested kayaking, and I made that the “just for me” activity of the week. It was so good. A beautiful day, time to catch up with her, active, on the water (which I find restorative), and since she owns the kayaks, it was even free! This week, I was planning to go to a singles Meetup to watch Shakespeare in the park. Chances are good that I would have been among other women, but seriously, the odds of my meeting some random guy compatible with me at Shakespeare in the Park are so much better than me meeting some random guy compatible with me online. And it might even introduce me to female friends compatible with me— also good.

It was cancelled. I’m so bummed. But it was scheduled for Thursday, and worknights are not great for me to do stuff like that. So I’m in search of my fun just-for-me thing this week— maybe a museum.

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